Astros @ Guardians, 8/4/22

Yuli and Machete in, Tucker and Mancini out. Dubon remains in center, Jake’s on the bench.

Dusty’s lineups are like a box of chocolates…


Meyers sitting for second straight game…

Given all the lefties in Cleveland’s lineup, this should be a good series to take the measure of Smith.

Someone please tell Mr. Baker it is ok to put all the best players in the same lineup.


I don’t know if you give Verlander too much run support he’s liable to get uppity.

Maybe he drank some river water.

He only does that in the playoffs.

According to Chandler Rome, Mancini isn’t playing in an attempt to give Verlander the best available defense.

Well that makes sense because the only time anyone ever puts the ball in play against him it’s a solo home run.


It is entirely possible to play Mancini and Yuli at the same time. Yordan too, while I am talking about it. Click did not trade for Mancini to have him PH once a game.

Mancini DH
Yuli 1B
Yordan LF

or switch Mancini and Yordan if you want.


Offense, Mr. Baker. Offense.


Nice thing to say for Mancini to read.

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Mancini has no business being on the bench a day after hitting a home run in his first start as an Astro. Definitely not when the alternative is starting both McCormick and Dubon.

As Jim said, he was acquired to start in Brantley’s place.


I agree with all of this

However I’m willing to wait another few games before I complain.

Cleveland has a larger OF and Verlander is a fly ball pitcher. If the team, and/or Dusty does not want to play Alvarez or Trey in LF I can understand it even if I don’t agree.

Yuli has been hot and you don’t bench Alvarez so it is what it is.

But I hear Mancini totally owns TBD so he better be in the lineup tomorrow.

I have faith that 10 games from now Trey will have 7 or so starts under his belt as an Astro ( and 3 HR)


Restraint is not allowed here. You should know that.

I practice restraint all the time in the TZ and the GZ, even now. Sometimes, though, Baker’s lineups are too much for even me.


Astros stranded a pair, JV put them down in order in the 1st.

IF single for Peña.