Astros @ Giants, June 10, 2024

Let’s win another series!

Altuve reaches on an E5

You aim higher than I.

Let’s not shit ourselves!

And Bregman GIDP

Just start winning more than they lose. Baby steps

Astros down on 7 pitches. No score

Arrighetti gives up a leadoff single

Strikeout and long 3-2 walk racking up the pitch count.

Bregman with a nice backhand play to end the inning. No score after one

I think we frequently take Bregman’s defense for granted.


Glad to see he’s back in there after that HBP.

Astros go down without a murmur of protest.

Ok, got a 7:00am flight to Midland tomorrow. Time to hit the sack. Let’s at least get a couple of hits.

Tucker got off the crutches today so I’m hopeful they won’t have to amputate.

Astros with a whopping 33 pitches faced and zero balls out of the infield through 3.

He’s off the crutches because they amputated and then fitted him for a prosthetic.


Schmidt grounds into a shift-aided 4-3. Oh, we banned the shift? Ok, Altuve was just really close to 2b.
Wisely with a more traditional 4-3
Dusty up in a box watching the game
Ramos bloop single over Abreu
Bailey walks on 3-2
Conforto K looking

End 3, 0-0

Top 4:

Altuve with a single to LF
Bregman lines to CF
Yordan grounds to first, Altuve forced at 2b, pitcher can’t snag the throw back to 1b
Pena grounds into a slick 5-3

Mid 4, 0-0


Soler bounces behind the 3b bag, Bregman can’t corral it. Serves me right for praising his defense.
Baby Yaz with a swinging bunt to Bregman, Soler to 2b, Yaz out at first.
Estrada pops foul to first
Pop to LF, Dubon stumbles to the ground but makes the catch.

End 4, still 0-0

Top 5:

Jake with a grounder up the middle for a single
Dubon lines to RF
Jake steals 2b as the catcher throws sidearm for some damn reason
Abreu taps to shallow SS, Meyers moves up to 3b
Chas works 3-0, fouls back the 3-1, waves through 3-2 to end the inning.

Mid 5, 0-0