Astros @ Detroit, JimR @ Detroit, June 24, 2021


  1. Myles Straw CF
  2. Michael Brantley LF
  3. Yuli Gurriel 1B
  4. Yordan Alvarez DH
  5. Carlos Correa SS
  6. Kyle Tucker RF
  7. Abraham Toro 3B
  8. Robel Garcia 2B
  9. Martin Maldonado C

Luis Garcia, P

  1. Akil Baddoo CF
  2. Jonathan Schoop 1B
  3. Robbie Grossman LF
  4. Jeimer Candelario 3B
  5. Nomar Mazara DH
  6. Daz Cameron RF
  7. Harold Castro SS
  8. Eric Haase C
  9. Willi Castro 2B

Jose Urena, P

ETA: There Alkie. I hope you’re happy now. It’s a lot less interesting of a lineup.

I’d listen to Bagwell do commentary on a WNBA game.


Well, that was quick. Astros go down on five pitches. No score

First pitch pop up to LF, Brantley there in foul territory and drops it. E7

And a lead off single after the error.

Machete cuts down Baddoo

We’ve played one…no score

Correa works a 1-out walk

Toro with a 2-out walk

E4 loads the bases

He’s talked more in the first two innings than he talked in his major league career. He’s great to listen to.

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Maldonado singles to LF! Correa scores, Toro scores!

Uncle Jesse taking in the game behind home plate.


Big hit from Machete.

Middle of 2nd…2-0 Astros

Bottom of the lineup has been really good during this stretch.

At the plate and in the field.

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The dichotomy between his stoic on field persona and his current freewheeling goofiness is pretty amazing.


Toro earns an RBI the hard way

Hit the Bull, lose the prize.

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Fucking hell, Bagwell is greatness.

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