Astros @ Detroit, JimR @ Detroit, June 24, 2021

He is a baseball savant. Absolutely clueless away from the game; pure gold around it.

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It’s great listening to him talk about what he tells the young players at spring training.

“Avoid the clap” - Jeff Bagwell


His life is hard.

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Baddoo is a baddass

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How did he make it to Rule 5?

Mistakes were made.

The booing here is hilarious.

I hear a cash register sound every time Correa drives in a run. I wonder if he does too.


Don’t know. But the kid can hit a little.

Correa started the season a bit slow, and I thought hah! I told ya!

Hah! I guess he told me!

Fuck around and find out

I reckon we will. Pay the man.

Who are they booing?


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In the absence of Altuve, Robel. He surely cheated.


The Tigers defense is generous.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a big league team as bad defensively as these guys are. It’s not the obvious errors so much as the fact that there are really good plays there for the making that they don’t even try to make.

Booed Brantley. I impolitely told them he was not on “that” team.


They are just angry that they don’t have Altuve to boo tonight.

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