Astros @ DBacks, April 12, 2022

Middle of 2nd…no score

Happy birthday Julia.

Garcia hitting 97 on the gun

Not to be overly harsh, but Altuve should have the bat jammed up his ass every time he tries to bunt.

What was the error on Altuve’s first at bat?

Didn’t see it, but it was a 2-base error on the third baseman.

I only glanced but I didn’t think 3B ever had a play to make on it.

Diving catch by Brantley. Blue star!

Beauty catch.

Two out single by Varsho is the first hit of the game.

Looked like a double down the line to me.

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Through three…still no score.

I was watching. Not an error.

Bregman with a flair to LF for the Astros first hit.

first runner to reach base on an at-bat scored a hit. Not the first hit.

Yuli and Tucker both put a charge in the ball, but get nothing for it.

Diaz with a single…two on, two out…

Blah. Nothin.

I’m at the game and it looked like a double down the line to me, but I’m on the first base line. I looked up a few innings in and saw no hits and was deeply confused. I still am.

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Siri-ous bat flip

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