Astros @ damnyankees, May 8, 2024

2b Altuve
RF Tucker
DH Alvarez
SS Pena
1b Singleton
3b Bregman
C Diaz
LF Dubon
CF Meyers

P Arighetti

There’s the lineup shakeup.

Well, it’s a start, I guess.

Bregman sixth is still too high, but it’s better than having him inside the top four of the lineup.

That said:

Yordan Alvarez: Remember you are Yordan Fucking Alvarez, destroyer of baseballs, and start hitting like the MVP-caliber hitter you usually are.

Alex Bregman: Stop tinkering with your swing and overthinking at the plate. Focus on going up the middle and to right field and stop pulling everything.

Joe Espada: Show some passion and light a fire under the team’s ass. Manage like every game is a must win at this point, because they are, if you want to keep your job and have any hope of making the postseason.

Bryan Abreu, Ryan Pressly and Josh Hader: Remember how you have been elite relievers in previous seasons? I do, too. Start pitching like it.

Spencer Arrighetti: Relax, and treat pitching at Yankee Stadium as if it was any other start. Focus on making quality pitches, one pitch at a time.

Most importantly, Astros: Just find a way to win.


Pena at cleanup is interesting. Maybe he meant to pencil in Pena batting second and Tucker 4th? Bregman at 8th-9th would also be logical at this point.

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He (Espada) seems determined to avoid an obvious lineup.


Peña at 2, Tucker behind Alvarez.

If we all think it, maybe we can make it happen.


Only because 10th isn’t available


Letting the pitcher hit for him might be a good option. At least the pitcher could possibly bunt the base runner over and have a productive at bat.

Astros up 1-0 as Tucker ties Ohtani for the MLB lead in HR.

Altuve and Alvarez have both struck out.

I hope that Tucker HR doesn’t turn out to be deja vu


Deja vu

Soto laser single, Judge absolute bomb. 2-1, we don’t need no stinking pitching.

My mistake, it was Soto with the HR, I kissed who singled.

Volpe and Soto. Judge looks ordinary again.

Fixed it for posterity

“The Astros offense is doing everything it can”

Bullshit, Blummer.

Aside from actually scoring runs, the offense has been great!

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I sincerely fucking hate this season’s Astros.

Solo homers and immediately handing leads back EVERY FUCKING NIGHT.

An honest-to-Satan 18 ERA in the 1st inning on the road.

K Singleton, moderately deep pop up by Bregman, pretty good drive the other way by Diaz tracked down by Judge.