Astros @ Cleveland, 6/11/23

It’s not March and we’re not in Florida, but here’s your lineup

Dubon - 2B
Julks - LF
Bregman - 3B
Tucker - RF
Abreu - DH
Diaz - 1B
Meyers - CF
Kessinger - SS
Salazar - C


In the 2nd, Bielak gives up a broken bat single and then an absolute meatball HR

The Astros offense is offensive so far.

2-0 Cleveland

Tucker singled in the 4th, so we’re off the schneid in that column

Josh Bell solo shot in bottom 4 makes it 3-0

Diaz drills a ball off the LCF wall for a leadoff 2B in the 5th

Kessinger hits a huge hopper that the 3b can’t field. 1st-3rd, 1 out for Salazar

Salazar is worthless at the plate. He should bunt even if there’s no runners on.

Dubon hit it well, yet just a 2-out groundout.

Wouldn’t it have been better to fly home last night, give everyone 2 days off and forfeit the game today?

Hell if I know, I’m watching meat smoke.

Is that like watching grass grow?

Can’t get there fast enough. What a miserable game, on both sides off the ball.

It looks like a ST lineup.

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We went quietly.

I missed this one as my pool pump motor blew up and I had to replace it, which wasn’t on the agenda for today. Sounds like I got the better end of the deal. Fish tacos and margaritas on the menu, but what a lousy fucking road trip this has been. Let’s get our shit together this week, boys.


Astros “starters“ got one hit. Split squad “fillers“ got the other three. It was good to see. Montero have a decent outing with his velocity up and it was fun to watch Gage. That’s really about it.

Now come on Horns! End it today!

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A little more involved, but yes

Fried or grilled fish for your tacos? I’ve have delicious ones both ways.

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Oh grilled. Always grilled. Mahi mahi that was swimming this morning.


Grilled is where it’s at. Fried is for shrimp.

What do you do for your slaw/topping?