Astros @ Cleveland, 6/11/23

Slaw, some homemade lime-Siracha sauce. Street corn.

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Frying fish for tacos is next to impossible to pull off without making it too greasy

Right, that’s what shrimp are for

I don’t know why you’d fry shrimp when you have a grill either. I mean, I like fried shrimp, but the grill is pretty much it for most everything.

Just to finish this off…

I think Mrs Hawk bought some strawberries too.

I love summertime on the Gulf Coast.


Fried shrimp poboy


That is hard to beat, I’ll admit.

Napa Valley Semillon or Old Vine Chenin Blanc would be the chef’s kiss for those beautiful tacos.

What is the white goop? Your sriracha lime concoction? Is the creamy part mayo? If yes, I’ll have to try that. Separating out the “sauce” from the cabbage for the slaw is an interesting idea. I bet it makes it a “fresher” tasting eat.

I eat a lot of shrimp cocktail. I also like a Mexican shrimp cocktail. Granted my shrimp isn’t from the gulf coast. When I worked as a comptroller for a company, guy came in to sell shrimp from gulf. Dang things almost lobsters!

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Yes, the “goop” is the sauce. It’s sour cream/mayo based. And keeping the cabbage and sauce separate just keeps the cabbage crunchier for longer as well as letting each individual decide how much of each they want. I believe the right to individualize your taco is part of the First Amendment, or at least the penumbras therein.

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I don’t remember which wine we had with the tacos. We’d already had a few margaritas, and my margaritas are no joke (each one is 3 oz of tequila). It was a chardonnay, I believe.

Chardonnay, preferably from Burgundy, would work rather well in that situation.