Astros @ ChiSox, May 12, 2023

J. P. France makes his second start.

We’re currently in weather delay

Shouldn’t we get a HH version of Astros Bases Loaded?

Well, I bought some new rum today. Porteño 21 años sistema solera. From Colombia. Smoking a Tabernacle maduro.

And the chick in blue is pretty hot.

So the weather delay topic…best margaritas in Houston.

I’ll throw out Ambriza Social Mexican Kitchen


Man, this place that used to be downtown called Cabo made them with everclear. By no means the best, but people were so much further gone than they realized.

Is that the place that was upstairs?


Tarp still on the field. TK says hopefully a little after 8:00 it’ll be ready.

We used to go to Gantry’s on Westheimer (a converted church) that served Long Island Iced Tea. They had a delayed effect that was devastating.

They tend to do that.

I used to be a big fan of The Blue Agave that was on W. Gray at Montrose (I think).

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Everclear. O.M.G. The night I do not remember much of drinking Everclear unknowingly in trash can punch. I staggered home, but my roommate stayed. The next morning I woke up (miraculously), and he was asleep on all fours on the floor with his head on the bed.


Drier air is trying to move in slowly from the south. flipping to spotty showers soon.

And margarita?


Drank some Troubadore from Turks & Caicos last night. That goes well with rain delays.

Yes it was

Side Topic:

XM Radio: please rate/debate i.e. worth a subscription?

I used to listen to it constantly.

But with streaming so widespread, not worth it.

Not cheap, but I enjoy it. I listen in the house and in the car, and because it’s spring and I’ve been spending way more time working in the yard than I expected, I’ve been listening out there too. So for me it’s been worth it. And we’re fixing to go on a long road trip, and it’s wonderful there.

I have both Spotify and Sirius/XM, which is probably duplicative. But I enjoy getting the DJ curation on XM. I use Spotify for targeted listening, like music for practice.

You may not believe this, but when I was young, I wasn’t old and fat. That place used to be a dance club, and we’d go there to dance to My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult with chicks with green hair.