Astros @ ChiSox 8/18/22

Garcia pitching. Dusty seems to be coalescing around a sensible lineup:

Diaz’s injury folied Dusty’s lineup plans.

Now he must choose between Meyers in CF, Dubon in CF, or Mancini at DH.

It sucks for Diaz but its one way to get Trey in the lineup.

TK: “Giolito does tend to be wild, so if the Astros are patient they can wear him out.”

Altuve: rolls over on first pitch

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“Hold my beer” - Yuli Gurriel

Hey, he eventually took a pitch!

And, Breggy gets screwed with his pants on to end the inning.


Altuve rolls over on the first pitch 6-3
Gurriel strikes out swinging
Alvarez walks
Bregman strikes out looking.

No score

Game day showed that K call as way low. Did it look that way on video?


Another HPU clown.

Mine showed it was borderline. Didn’t see it. Ford says it was on the inside corner. So…who the fuck knows.


Bregman spent a good deal of time discussing it with the asshat.

Cintron tossed between innings for arguing

TK pointed out Giolito was waiting for the ball to be thrown back.

Onward and upward:
Yuli scoops another one

Radio saying Dusty’s not in the dugout…he get tossed too?

Cintron running his mouth…imagine that

Tv said someone got tossed and they thought it was Cintron. Entirely possible Dusty followed him, I know he came out.

TV was unclear. They guessed Cintron.

Cintron’s a definite, radio speculating on Dusty.

ETA: Dusty not tossed

also, total aside, it’s actually gonna fucking rain in the Hill Country

There is no was in the world that 3rd pitch to Bregman was on any corner. It was right over the middle of the plate and well below the zone. Diaz (not ours, the one behind the plate) is a clown.

Raining in Plano now