Astros @ Brewers, May 22, 2023

From our dear friend JackAstro:

“lmao if i was a lefty reliever called in to face yordan i would simply refuse”


I miss him.


Thats great.

What I don’t understand is why managers aren’t simply using their best reliever and disregarding what arm he uses.

There is ample evidence and plenty of sleepless nights to prove if you don’t you will likely lose the game.

Cowardice. Afraid to be second guessed if going away from the book doesn’t work. The problem for them is, Yordan is writing his own book.


They’ve gotten the same result.

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In most of these late-inning situations, these managers probably view their lefty/righty options as fairly comparable, depending on who is at the plate for the opposing team. Plus, Yordan is an MVP-caliber hitter. Short of giving him the Barry Bonds’ treatment, he can do damage against anyone.

The bigger mystery is why aren’t more teams making Jose Abreu beat them if Dusty has Abreu in between Alvarez and Tucker.

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