Astros @ Brewers, May 22, 2023

Javier on the bump.

Let’s keep the train a rollin’!

Altuve sits today, Dubon in at 2b and leading off.

Abreu drops to 5.

Julks in LF, Chas in CF.

And Bagwell in the booth.

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Couple of fly outs and Yordan draws a 2-out walk

Burnes wanted absolutely no part of Yordan

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He’s not as dumb as he looks.

And if he’s smart, he won’t give in to Tucker 3-1 with Abreu on deck

Tucker walks…two on, two out for Abreu…

“He sets the table with two outs for Jose Abreu.”

This is a statement that does not instill confidence.

Man Abreu looks so bad.

Abreu pops to shallow RF. No score.

I don’t like shitting on the guy, but he looks so far away from even decent.

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Yeah, I’m not shitting on him either. He just looks so uncomfortable, unready, and the furthest thing from a Major League hitter. It’s painfully sad to watch him, as he used to not be like this.

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Javier with a 1-2-3 first

No score


1-0 Astros

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Julks jolt!

Julks says “fuck you Jobu I do it myself”



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Middle of two…2-0 Astros

Maldonado just did a Yordan level destruction of a ball