Astros @ Braves, April 22, 2023

Hell yes!!! Just scored tickets for the game. My son and I were 2-0 on games we attended in Houston first weekend of this season and hoping we can see ours/team’s record move to 3-0 in games we’ve attended this season after Saturday night’s game.


No pressure or anything. We’re all counting on you.

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Do you have to watch the game live or can you rewind it like on ESPN+?

If you’re talking about AppleTV, unless they’ve changed it from last season there is no pause or rewind function, which is utterly ridiculous.

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They seem to have changed some of the announcers. Was Dontrelle Willis on the team last year? No Katie Nolan this year.

Per wiki, they had a bunch of turnover from last season:

Thanks. I forgot about Thunderpants last year.

Hopefully the new announce teams improve the product. The folks last year never seemed to catch their stride.

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Just noticed that Apple does give you the option to watch the game from the beginning (or go straight to live action)…so at least there’s that if you have to tune in late or something

ETA: you can pause and rewind now

Geez Brown is getting hit. 3 doubles so far and Braves leading 4-1 with 2 out

Oops, just realized this is the wrong thread.

Y’all know what day today is? You should. It’s San Jacinto Day. Did anyone remember?

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I did not, and I am duly ashamed.

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I did, but only because I’m married to a human calendar.

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Link to Braves radio.

I did.

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Why the fuck are you posting opponents’ radio here?

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This is the perennial question with Snuffs.


One of many. But the base question is almost always “why/what the fuck…”

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I miss MLB audio and haven’t found an Astros radio broadcast - yet. (A link would be appreciated.)
It is fun - especially nights like this one - to hear the opposing broadcasters describe our Astros and the game…
Might be others doing exactly the same thing….

PS you guys bailed out of GZ going to Apple.
It would have been good if someone had kept it going.
Come on, Guys, earn your keep.

Learn to read the right thread.

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