Astros @ Blue Jays, July 3, 2024

Jays in their City Connect pajamas.

Altuve carved up to start the show.

Bregman down on strikes.

Yordan grounds out and is injured.

Dark jersey and pants combinations suck donkey ass…

What a wonderful start.

Walk to the leadoff hitter

Now Chas goes head first into the wall

Kessinger is back on the roster?

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Holy shit Chas!

Shiftfuck single puts Jays on the corners

Sac fly makes it 1-0

Kessinger up, Hummel down.

Leadoff walk comes around to score….imagine that. End of one, 1-0 Jays

Diaz with a leadoff double

Altuve and Alvarez named ASG starters.

Jake down on strikes

Peña grounds out 5-3

Hummel got sent down

Dubon hacks at ball four that almost hits his feet

Astros squander the leadoff double. 1-0 Blue Jays

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