Astros Baseball Media Wall of Fame

So it was announced today that Harry Shattuck had died. If you’ve followed the Astros for a long time, you may remember him as a beat writer for the club back in the 70s and 80s. As I was looking him up I saw that he was a member of the Wall of Fame. I was aware this existed but didn’t know who all the inductees were. This is the list:

2007: Anita Martini
2008: Gene Elston
2009: Neil Hohlfeld
2010: Mickey Herskowitz
2011: Bill Brown
2012: Milo Hamilton
2013: René Cardenas
2014: Alex Treviño
2015: Harry Shattuck
2016: Mark Berman
2017: Bob Allen
2018: Karen Warren
2019: Larry Dierker
2020: Kevin Eschenfelder

By my count, there’s 7 tv/radio voices, 3 tv/radio reporters/anchors, 2 beat writers, 1 columnist and 1 photog.

Surprised to see Eschenfelder on here. But i guess longevity counts for something (24 years doing pre and post game duties).

When does Footer get in?

Where the fuck is Craig Roberts?

I’m a little surprised Loel Passe isn’t in there. He wasn’t around all that long (probably the reason) but he was a distinctive voice and certainly a homer.

I have no clue who Karen Warren is.

I could not stand Loel Passe. I loved Gene Elston and even met him once.

She is a fantastic photographer for the Chron.

Ah. Haven’t read the Chronicle in 25 years.

And a great twitter follow.

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Eschenfelder before Footer is a war crime


In the More Than Deserved category, I would add JD as somebody who needs to be there along with Footer.

In the category of Folks Who Will Eventually Be There Due to Longevity Even Though Their Work Was Mostly/Entirely Shit : Passe, Worrell, McTaggart, Pinwheel, Greg Lucas*.

*That’s probably unfair to Lucas to lump him in with these others. I actually liked him though i don’t think many shared that opinion.

Still accepting nominations in either category.


Actually he was with the Astros 15 years (1962-1976). And he broadcast the Houston Buffs games before that going all the way back to 1950 apparently.

I guess I was too young to realize that Passe was no good.

If McBraggart gets in at all the whole thing is a sham. Footer & JD need to be there now, though.

He was the Houston Buffs announcer for years, and lots of locals loved him. I thought he was bush league and not worthy of a major league team.

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I remember him being folksy, almost silly. I definitely preferred Elston even at at age 10.

Silly is a great description.

I’m 66 and I remember him well. I never said he was “good”. I said he was distinctive. In fact, my dad and I cringed when he came on. But I still recall him being somewhat of a beloved figure by the old-school group. "Now you chunkin’ it in there…one more time! "

I’m guessing Footer isn’t in yet because she’s a relative newcomer (early 2000s) and she hasn’t exclusively covered the Astros in years. Agree, though.

If for no other reason, she ushered in the social media era of coverage and did it very well. There are so many other reasons, though.

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I agree she should be in, but you know they’re going to put Dick Justice and possibly even Bill Worrell in there before Footer.