Astros at Red Sox, Aug. 29, 2023

3.3 second hangtime for Yordan’s bomb

That was a bad 3-1 swing, Tuck.

After top 1, 2-0 Astros

Turn the game on (on my birthday, wife and daughter making lasagna and a cheesecake in the fridge) see ONE pitch and it’s a Breggy bomb. Then an Alvarez dart that may have killed someone by the pole. If this goes the Astros way, I may claim some karma responsibly. (BBGs, I realize this is up to you.)

Like I keep saying, Dubon is clearly the choice in center.

Great diving catch.

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Dubon to the GZ: That’s why I’m in the lineup!

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France with two hard-hit fly outs and a grounder right at Bregman.

End 1, 2-0 Astros.

I open the GZ and I read about “Selena Gomez” and “working the pole”. Throw in “Aubrey Plaza” and “handcuffs” and I’ll stay in my bunk all game.

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Where does Rachael Ray fit into this?

She’s making snacks. I get to lick the spoon.

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Astros players lined up at the top of the dugout to see Uncle Mike.

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There are pictures like that.

… + inflatable tub, Florence Henderson, olive oil

I thought we all knew his proclivities by now


Even with the out that was fun to see Brantley hit the ball hard. HPU is not helping.

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Top 2:

Uncle Mike grounds hard right at 2b
Diaz strikes out looking at one fully in the LH batters box
Dubon hits a fly to RF that Verdugo looks typically awkward on

Mid 2, 2-0 Astros

Yes, that’s the one

There are more. That’s my favorite

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The fog is getting thicker