Astros at Red Sox, Aug. 29, 2023

2b Altuve
3b Bregman
DH Alvarez
RF Tucker
1b Abreu
LF Brantley
C Diaz
CF Dubon
SS Pena

P France

Brantley’s back! Let’s bench Chas!

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You didn’t seriously think it was going to be Dubon, did you?

And here’s hoping France works out his pitch tipping issues. Or these boys are gonna light his ass up again.

Dubon, not McCormick in CF makes no sense, and I like Dubon.


McCormick had maybe the most clutch catch in Astros CF history. His name should be in the lineup every day in CF.

One catch doesn’t keep him in the lineup. The fact that he’s our best CF and one of our best hitters should. But Dusty gonna Dusty.


Dubon has been pretty good at the plate for the last month.

Edit to add: Highest OPS on the team in the last 15 days. Would not have guessed that. 3rd best over the last 30.

Of course, completely agree, he has to perform well. He has absolutely earned it with his bat this year in my opinion. I just don’t understand the hesitancy to pencil him in for CF everyday. I’m afraid “Dusty gonna Dusty” is the only reasonable explanation.

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I was reading the lineup to my wife, who was shaking her head and asking about Dusty’s thought processes (such as they are). I came up with the perfect analogy: a slot machine. Dusty just yanks the arm and watches where the wheels stop.

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Dubon had 2 2Bs off this same jagoff in the 17-1 shellacking…so there’s that

I like the lineup except for Dubon over McCormick.


Tonight’s beverage of choice is a Manhattan.

If a NY-named drink helps the Mets beat the Rangers, great.
If not, I still get to drink a Manhattan.

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I was watching the latest episode of Only Murders in the Building, and Selena Gomez’s character orders a “mezcal manhattan”

This is something I’ve never heard of nor thought about before.

No spoilers, I’m still on S2

None, other than that cocktail, which is not a plot point


One never knows.

Mellow Bello on the mound.

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Don’t like it?

Build a real right field.

Working the pole!

Haha, fuck your Pesky Pole, Boston!