Astros at Rays, 9/20/22

I guess that’s your 3, go broke running a whorehouse.

Bethancourt with a 2-out slap single to RF…Rays first hit

It’s funny because I wrote and deleted, after some momentary consternation, re: Hudson’s cousin: “Sounds like somebody has a future in the GOP.” Now here it is anyway.

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Oh as far as I know he’s full on Q. He’s not exactly a visionary.

End of five…5-0 Astros

That’s nearly impossible in any circumstance. That takes improbable skill.

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Selling weed at least requires some transfer of goods. There is supply logistics, inventory, transportation considerations, etc. Running a casino requires you to open the door and let people hand you fist fulls of cash. I’m certain the only reason Trump isn’t a drug dealer is because it requires a business acumen far above his.


Maton in for the 6th

And that it would require actual risk to himself

When Lauren Boebert and MTG represent the peak of your clientele’s intellectual pyramid, grifting is easier than running a whorehouse.

At the Stretch…5-0 Astros

I was just wondering if Yanier was still on the roster

ETA his first big league hit is a double!

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Great reception in the dugout.

So excellent. The whole dugout asking for the ball:

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To the 9th…5-0 Astros

Third or fourth shakey outing in a row for Abreu.


Abreu trying to close it out

Franco singles to LF
Peralta strikes out swinging
Margot walks
Mejia…3-0…3-1…3-2…walks to load the bases

And that’ll be all for Abreu…will have to use Pressly

Looks like the attendance is about 18. ???

Long arms!

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No runs for you!

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