Astros at Rays, 9/20/22

End of three…4-0 Astros

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You reckon road teams all stay at the Vinoy? There are more good hotels in Tampa, but I can’t imagine teams want to drag ass across the causeway twice a day. I guess what I’m really wondering is if teams ever stay on the beach.

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You bet. Know what? I bet you have the remnants of a campfire somewhere outside.


I have remnants of bonfires all over these ranches.

Sorry 'bout that, Chuckles.

The mostly stay at the Vinoy. Hell, depending on the time of year and day, crossing the Howard Frankland is quicker than the beach.

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Sorry? Don’t be sorry. Think of all the drinks you can mix. And the convenience. Don’t even have to go inside and get the kerosene bark smoker out of the closet.


I love that you have a kerosene bark smoker. Love.

I’m sure St Pete gets busy during spring break and other beach intensive holidays, but I’ve been there a good bit and it’s more or less always a ghost town, comparatively.

I like St Pete and that’s probably one reason why. It doesn’t feel crowded at all.

I’m a man who’s bound by tradition.

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Downtown isn’t too bad, but the areas near the beach can be clogged with idiots.

Have you ever had a handcrafted old fashion at Flute and Dram near the Vinoy? I’m pretty sure it doesn’t contain creosote though.

And I like St Pete a lot too…much more than Clearwater. St Pete doesn’t smell like tattoo ink, steroids and vomit.

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I like St Pete too. It’s the Florida I know best. I have a sister-in-law down there who’s one of Proctor & Gamble’s leading salespeople nationwide. You wouldn’t believe the cleanliness of her teeth. Her husband is a spendthrift personal trainer who keeps blowing their funds on crypto schemes. Both extremely good-looking in swimsuits.

Also I know some bookstore owners down there.


And whatever Scientologists smell like. I don’t believe I have ever visited the Flute amd Dram.

I have an extremely good looking cousin who lives on the beach near there. She too is married to a spendthrift who always has come cockamamie scheme in the works…crypto, “wellness”, handcrafted this and that…the man went broke selling weed. He’s not a bad dude, but please don’t lend him any money.


It’s right across the street from the MFA, and they have a walk up bar, where you can sit outside. There’s a lot of cool shit around there.

Yeah, I’ve spent a decent amount of time downtown. There is lots of cool shit down there.

Meanwhile…Astros have runners at 2B and 3B, one out for Tucker…who is intentionally walked to load the sacks for Diaz…

Diaz with a sac fly…5-0 Astros

  1. Go broke running a casino

  2. Go broke selling weed

I’m trying to think of what 3 might be. Go broke owning a major sports team? I wish they’d sold that USFL team to Trump so we’d have some background on this.

Halfway…5-0 Astros

I suppose pimpin ain’t easy.