Astros at Rays, 9/20/22

So McCormick sits against another LHP. Predictable, I guess.

Man I’m so tired of these stupidfuck lineups.

Agent Astros, trying to give a leg up to the Rays in pursuit of the Yanks? Only thing that makes sense…

They’re all hung over. I figured today’s lineup would be odd because of last night’s celebrations, so I’m ignoring it.

Truly, Dusty has a dizzying intellect

I’m watching Game 1? of the Orlando/Houston series. Hakeem is just still Hakeem.

It seems Dusty is treating McCormick with the “lazy eye” approach. You know where they put a patch over a kid’s dominate eye to strengthen the weaker one. If so, someone should tell him that’s not how hitting a baseball works.

Perhaps Chas had too much fun in last night’s celebration after clinching the AL West?

Astros lead 1-0 on Tucker’s 100th RBI

Solid 1st inning.

Diaz hits a screaming line drive, and Peña…no idea why he didn’t score on Tucker’s double in the gap…is doubled off of 3B to end the rally.

Astros get three hits, lead 1-0

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Pettis isn’t a full-time buccaneer like he used to be, I think.


Should have been an easy send.

Neither is Tom Brady

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4-0 Astros

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This just in…Black Ridge bourbon makes a helluva smoked old fashion.

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JV says thanks.

Did I mention? I’ve found you can just scrape some residue out of the inside of the fireplace and stir it right in. It’s a real time saver.


In honestly don’t know what you have against quality cocktails. We can’t all be beer nerds.

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No you didn’t, and thank you

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