Astros at Orioles, 8/9/23

Let’s pick up a game tonight, boys.

2b Altuve
3b Bregman
DH Alvarez
RF Tucker
LF McCormick
1b Abreu
SS Pena
CF Dubon
C Maldonado

P Javier

Flaherty has been bad in the first inning much of the year. If not the first, he’s been bad in one inning. If not in one, let’s fuck up the pen.

I just want our starter to go out and give the offense a couple chances to put up some runs before putting the team in a hole. LFGo Javier!

Bligh’s gone. Time for Mr. Christian to take over.


Altuve with a leadoff single.

I want to see Cristian command his fastball and slider tonight against a good lineup and look like an ace again.


That first strike to Bregman is a gimme

Bregman hits one hard, but right at center fielder.

I hope they score like sailors on a Polynesian island.

Alvarez gets fucked on “strikes” in the other batter’s box, then chases one in his eyes. Presumed that would be called as well

The plate is apparently 48 inches wide tonight.


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2-0 Astros

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Pay. That. Man. Dana. Brown.

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My King!!

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And the zone is dirt to cap.

Chas down on strikes

But 2-0 Astros

Would be nice to hold this lead awhile.