Astros at Orioles, 8/8/23

MLB could put a stop to that nonsense immediately. Why they don’t is beyond me.

Your 3B makes a shit throw that your 1B has to field on the RF side of the bag at full extension.

By all means, go die on that hill.

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Astros go quickly and weakly. At the Stretch…6-2 Os.

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This game is no bueno.

I’m trying to find a reason to start hating these birds.

So far their red ass manager is all I got.

TK and Blum getting their views on the Kevin Brown suspension known.

Unsurprisingly they were spot on in their assessments.

Framber wasn’t good tonight, but at least he allowed Dusty to not burn the bullpen by going seven innings.


Tucker with a leadoff walk, Diaz strikes out hacking at ball four in the dirt.

Abreu with another weak chopper to 2B

They’re doing the wave. Another reason to hate.

Hey, he laid off a slider

Jeremy is going to see that exact same pitch again.

Left one up and he got it.

Nicely done Jeremy.

Peña getting a steady diet of sliders, finally gets a hanger…RBI single

Pena can hit hanging sliders.

Attaboy Jeremy. Keep the line moving.

Middle of eight…6-3

No Singleton there?

For Meyers? Hell no.