Astros at Orioles, 8/8/23

I’m sick and tired of Abreu taking bitch hacks at pitches in hitter’s counts.

Hey, a whole inning without giving up multiple runs.

Idk why anybody would throw anything other than a slider to Pena

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It’s a mystery.

One scoreless inning was enough for Framber. Leadoff double, ground ball and sac fly make it 6-2

There’s a guy in the Orioles’ dugout that looks just like Michael Chiklis.

Framber’s keeping his pitch count down, so he should be able to go deep into the game getting his ass kicked.

Are you serious?

We’re gonna be staring at a 5 game deficit at the end of this series.

Nice glove by Bregman.

Take your time, Jeremy

What the fuck was that asshole so worked up about?

Clearly safe. Calm down Hyde.

Lollygagging in CF.

Maldy carved the fuck up

Good slider gets Maldy.

That’s that.

I didn’t have sound on and couldn’t understand that either. Why not just ask for a review?

He already used his challenge.

End of six…6-2 Orioles

I can see how not being able to lose ANOTHER challenge could be frustrating.