Astros at Orioles, 8/8/23

2b Altuve
3b Bregman
LF Alvarez
RF Tucker
DH Diaz
1b Abreu
SS Peña
CF Meyers
C Maldonado

P Valdez

Altuve breaks his bat with a weak grounder up the middle
Bregman loops a single over SS
Alvarez lines to RF on a ball that TK made much more of than it really was
Tucker skies a fly ball to LF

Bregman stranded on first, no score

Well shit.

Bottom 1:

Rutschman walks on 3-2
Mountcastle absolutely crushes an 0-2 hanger.

2-0 Orioles

0-2, but the 6th pitch of the AB.

Framber put it on a tee instead of wasting a pitch.

Framber retires the side but the damage is done.

End 1, 2-0 Orioles.

ETA: stepping out, someone else can take PBP

Diaz hit on the enjoyed, Abreu F9

Peña Ks swinging.

Meyers 6-4 FC

This guy hits 99 with his FB and his slider is nasty.

I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve got a sinking feeling the Astros are going to get peckerslapped this series by a way hungrier team.

You’re suspended from your PBP duties. Angelos rules.



Tucker turns an F9 into 3 bases.

Baltimore promptly cashes in.


Tucker has not looked good on his two plays in the outfield. He was struggling on the catch in the first inning.

Having a hard time remembering a worse play by Tucker.

There was a sliding catch he failed to make in Oakland in 2020 or 21.

This was worse.

It’s been a fucking shit show already

And he’s safe at 1B

Fucking hell, Framber

Way to follow up that last outing.

Nice to see that the Framber from the Rangers start has shown up.

Base loaded, one out for Tucker…

Tucker with an RBI single, and Diaz with a sac fly. 5-2 now

It’s very important that Framber tighten the fuck down and hold these guys scoreless. Chip away on offense.