Astros at Mets 6/28/2022

Altuve walks
Pena FC 6-4 DP is over turned
Alvarez single to RF, Pena to third
Bregman singles to RF. Pena scores, Yordan to third
Tucker 3 run HR to right center
Gurriel flies to CF
Chas Ks

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I defer.

Please don’t

Ok I’ll take it

Good evening.

Fuck the Mets.

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Framber Ks Nimmo on 3 pitches

Marte double to right

Lindor 6-3

Alonzo 6-3

End of 1 Astros 4- 0

Nifty play/pick.

I bet Peña took ten steps to his left before throwing that ball to first.

Meyers excuse me check swing single to short.

Maldy Ks on 3 pitches

Altuve grounds DP Lindor unassisted to first.

J.D. Davis lines to Jake who turns around like a top before catching it.

Escobar Ks

Nice inning from Framber

Canha ( Can suck it) grounds to Yuli

1 - 2 - 3

Framber 19 strikes out of 26 pitches through 2 innings.

Pena Ks. Ugly swing on high inside fastball.

Alvarez walks. Not intentional but intentional.

Attention Astros:

Stop hitting into double plays.

Alex 1-4-3 dp