Astros at Mets 6/28/2022

McNeil Dips a single to left.

McCann 6-4-3

Payback DP

Nimmo flies to Jake.

End of 3 Astros 4-0

Framber 33 pitches 24 strikes.

Peña narrowly beat out a dp ball in the first (replay overturned).

That was huge.

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First time in that dump since 2014.

So much water under the baseball bridge since then.

Tucker walks in 12 pitch at bat

Just off the sweet spot for Yuli.

Yuli flies to right

Tucker steals second.

No double play.

Chas grounds 5-3

Chas has missed a pretty meaty FB in each AB


Jake line RBI single to center

Alonso may catch some clubhouse crap for that bit of awkwardness.

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Maldy Ks

Astros 5- 0

Big man had to run a long way, and nobody else seemed interested/able to bail him out.

I need someone to pick up PBP

Gotta leave.

Sorry guys.

Framber getting squeezed a bit