Astros at Indians, July 1, 2021

Second half begins today.

Kevin Eschenfelder on PBP so prepare your mute button accordingly.

2nd pitch of the game and I’m already ready to throat punch him.

And Altuve. What a trash at bat.

Altuve pops up from one knee on 0-2. He proposed to that damn pop up.

Toro fouls several pitches before going down swinging.

“Dr. Smooth”

Hadn’t heard Brantley called that before.

Brantley slices one through the 5-6 hole for a single.

Just so it’s out of the way early, this Cy Young Contender per the broadcast pitcher has a 4.81 ERA this season.

Yuli chops harmlessly to third and that’s the top of the 1st.

Hope Jerry Meals has a better night behind the plate than CBB

Good start for Framber, 7 pitches to retire the side in 1st



Pulled away someone take PBP

Holy shit, Meals is as bad as Bucknor.

It’s like the Astros are just ready for this season to end. We’ve played 80 games, that’s enough.

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Indians on the corners, one out…

Hey, the Dodgers got a World Series Win for about 80 games. Why not the Astros?

Passed ball results in a run

What in the fucking pathetic fuck is happening with this team. That was so bad.


Whos ready for another bullpen game?! YAY!


Need a lockdown game from Framber. This ain’t it.