Astros at Indians, July 1, 2021

Ruled a WP

Need him to at least go more than four innings. Not looking good.

Braves put three on deGrom in the 1st.

This tracks.

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Geez, Framber has just fallen off a cliff here.

Great shot of Dusty looking content/asleep while Framber walks the bases loaded there.


The less involvement Baker has the better.

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Offense must have gotten to Framber in between innings to get him in line with their losing interest.

How was that not a fucking swing???

Often I wish he’d sleep through the filling out of the lineup card too.

Is Correa all tuckered out from circling the bases too much this week?

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If anyone doesn’t think Correa is the leader of this team just watch him and Valdez in the dugout.

I’d prefer he was on the field

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Click has said a few times that the training staff has a whole lot of pull when it comes to days off, since they’re the ones that deal with the players most in that regard, so it’s not all on Dusty.

But I agree. Stros seem to rest one of the core regulars every other game or more.

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I guess it’s a good thing they’ve been cruising to easy wins this week then.

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Altuve with a 2-out walk

Toro with a weak ground ball to 2B to end the “threat”.

1-0 Cleveland Baseball Team.

Good thing I have plenty of rum.

2-0 Indians

Framber is a fucking mess tonight. These aren’t the Tigers or Orioles.