Astros at Cubs, Apr 23, 2024

2b Altuve
DH Alvarez
RF Tucker
3b Bregman
C Diaz
SS Pena
LF McCormick
1b Abreu
CF Meyers

P France

Abreu’s OPS of .223 would be in the bottom 30% of qualified batting averages.

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Astros surround a single by Tucker with 2Ks and a rollover 5-4 by Bregman, who lowers his .280 SLG.

France gives up a one out double by Happ and then Bellinger hits one that hasn’t landed yet.

2-0 already.

France’s ERA up to 7.84

Well that didn’t take long.

A strikeout, a walk,and a hit and run single.

First and third, two out.

Josh Miller out, not sure what to say other than stop sucking.

Now HPU absolutely rawdogging France.

And then a Tauchman HR,

5-0, another game ends in the first inning, PBP ends here.

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Hey look, the games over in the 1st inning again. Isn’t 2024 fun

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Who needs starting pitching when you’ve got the back end of the bullpen locked down?

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My anger is quickly turning into apathy. Also, Joe Espada is going to be a one and done manager at this rate. He might want to rattle some cages before that happens.

This it’s sickening. But, this has been the most productive baseball season I’ve had in years. With so little to watch I’m getting all my shit done daily!


That inning lowered his ERA all the way to 8,46.

Abreu got robbed by Michael Busch that at bat.

Fun with stats…three Astros have seen significant time at the corner infield positions. They have combined for fewer HRs and RBIs than the backup catcher.

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Not so fun

That’s a special level of terrible.

Very little, if anything, is fun about this team right now.

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Holy shit, a CS!

You’ve seen it all now. Your season is fulfilled.

So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.