Astros at Cubs, 4//25/24

Wind blowing in big time

Astros manufacture a run on an infield hit by Altuve, a hit and run through the right side by Bregman, and a Yordan sac fly.

Mid 1, 1-0 Astros

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JV starts off single, WP, walk, walk. Just peachy.

Arrighetti and France need to sit him down and have a chat.


Or, JV can show off his hairy cojones by going strikeout, strikeout, F8, inning over.

When Julia just dropped “strugglebus” was she talking about the weather or the team?


I thought Altuve had a homer but too windy.

Wind room one away from Altuve

Verlander is not going to last 5 innings with this pitch count.

I’m at PNC Park right now watching Pirates/Brewers and checking in on the Astros. Man this is a gorgeous park. Had field level seats but moved up here for the view.



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That’s probably my favorite park of the dozen or so I’ve been to


It’s a shame nobody is here. Aroldis just gave up a 2-run jack to give up the lead. I had to smile a bit at that.


Look, Justin. We got you a run. What more do you want?


4.1 from JV.

He’s not happy about leaving but there are 2 men on and he’s at 95 pitches in his second start.

Sound move.

3 run homer in 3, 2, …

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Attaboy Montero.


Agreed. Always tempting to leave JV in, but there’s no sense pushing him any further right now.

Is there anyone who watched us score 1 in the first and didn’t say “that’s the offense for today”?


If it had been two or more, you know that would have been it. With just one, there’s an outside chance they’ll score again, but they’ll probably have to get a hit to do it.

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