Astros at Brewers, 5/24/23

Really looking forward to dropping 2 of 3 to the worst team in baseball.


We’re up to 18 innings without a run now.

Jesus Fucking Christ Ripperger, that was 3 inches down AND 3 inches out.

Well, the Astros just wanted to leave Milwaukee, so they get to. What a fucking awful showing there.

It’s lovely this time of year.

Pena was an hour behind an 89 MPH fastball then took a pitch that caught tons of zone to end it.

Fucking putrid effort across the board.


Pitch 1 was a called strike.

Forgive me if someone has already made these obvious points, but this seems all very par for the course to me. The Astros seldom have a soft landing from a winning streak and tend to fast after glutting themselves offensively.

But today is also May 24th, so something significant happened today. We just might not know yet what it was.

Tina Turner? What’s hitting got to do with it?

It was very unfair of the Brewers to throw a position player on Monday. Ruined all our hitters’ timing.

Welp, that game sucked.

Maybe the A’s will be more forgiving.

Much too soon, SoonerJim!

5 homers and 12 runs in Game One. NO RUNS in Games Two and Three.


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But we averaged four runs a game!

Of course, Jeff Bezos, you, and I average a net worth of well over a billion.

Hank Aaron and I have combined for 755 home runs.