Astros at Brewers, 5/24/23

Well that inning sucked donkey balls.

Tucker smashed that ball, but it was right at the CF.

Fucking hell.

It was basically the end of the game.

Can we get off our own dicks now, fellas?

Bielak has been in a fucking rocking chair and this offense will leave him high and dry.

The offense is just straight up fucking pathetic today.

I think the Astros should consider spreading the runs out over more games.

McCormick has gotten two pitches in a row right in the center square. He was a mile behind a 94 MPH fastball, then a mile ahead of an 80something MPH curve. Then ANOTHER center square harmlessly grounded to SS.

For fuck’s sake.

Sorry about that.

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It’s like someone sawed the rockers off the chair…

I’m out on this game.

Well thats this game 100% over. Might have been able to accidentally score 3 but no way they are scoring 5 today

Don’t worry, we’ve brought in our best reliever to protect our… 4 run deficit.

The Stropoll today was how much would it take to get Baggy to go down Bernie Brewer’s slide.

The runaway winner was not enough money in the world.

Baggy said that Julia and Todd had asked, he would’ve done it for free.

And Mark Ripperger punches out Meyers with a ball that was both down and away out of the zone.

Fucking Christ we’ve seen some awful strike zones this season.

Bregman got a center cut 94 MPH fastball 1-1 and was a mile behind it.

I guess they wanted to catch an early flight to see the sights in (checks notes)… Oakland?