Astros at Brewers, 5/24/23

Astros strand 2 in the top.

Bielak starts double-homer.

Brewers up 2-0

Both sides go 1-2-3 in the second. Bielak only needed 5 pitches.

Astros 1-2-3 third. 13 scoreless innings by my count.

Brewers 1–2-3, including Adames bat absolutely exploding.

Anyone else actually watching?

End 4, Brewers 2-0

I just turned it on.

I am. Beginning to wonder if we should take bets on when the Astros will score again.

I don’t think they ever will.

Mid 5, 2-0

Another 1-2-3. Shame about those first two batters.

This game may finish under 2 hours.

The offense looks absolutely fucking awful again, but this Houser dude is dealing at least.

Not like getting shut down for 5 innings by a guy with a 5 and a half ERA yesterday.

Bagwell: “This feels like a spring training getaway day. Everybody swinging at the first pitch.”

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A baserunner! On an E3, but a baserunner!

Two baserunners!

I can’t believe Counsell is pulling this guy. What a gift.

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Not bringing in a lefty though. Alas.

I cannot imagine Alvarez gets much to hit here.

And he did. And watched it. Shitfuck.

wth, Yordan

Fucking hell, Yordan. That sweeper was a fucking meatball, just begging to be smashed down the LF line.

Got a cement mixer, and decided…“nah”