Astros at Braves, 4/21/23

2B Dubón
3B Bregman
DH Alvarez
1B Abreu
RF Tucker
SS Peña
LF Julks
C Diaz
CF Meyers

P Brown

An E5 puts Dubón on for a Bregman RBI double. Yordan then grazed for a HBP.

Abreu K swinging

I think the color guy just called Kyle “Tick Tuck” so I’m now muting.

“King Tuck”

Everyone keeps saying that Abreu starts cold and will heat up at some point. Well, any time now would be great.

Would have been nice to have Alex on 3rd for that Tucker flyball, Abreu.

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Brown getting pushed around.

He’s getting no calls. He’s going to need to learn to work through that.

The Braves have an obviously superior lineup.

This whole series is going to be a fucking bloodbath.

Only on one side.

This team would be far better off with Julks batting cleanup.

Is Abreau really that slow or was he loafing up the line on that groundout?


Man, Julks has a fast bat.

These Apple+ announcers are… not good.


15 game hitting streak for Dubon. What a transformation 30 lbs of muscle can do to a highly skilled player.

Dubon looked like he was running in quicksand.


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I thought the same. Great slide though…he’s safe

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