Astros at Blue Jays, July 1, 2024

“The right cost” is always the catch.

Marwin? Dubon? That’s all I got.

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A deal like that makes a lot of sense for the Astros. If the Blue Jays want to lose more 2025 payroll, the Astros could take back Bassitt instead of Kikuchi.

Of course. I’m not giving up Arrighetti for a rental in Flaherty. But, I’d be fine with a lower-level prospect package. Flaherty was once an ace with the Cardinals, and he’s found his past form again this season.


At the major league level, not really.


I doubt seriously the Rays would do that but if they did, I doubt the Astros have enough for a deal.

Of course you aren’t getting for those guys straight up, just saying if for some reason the Blue Jays insisted on Meyers I wouldn’t let that hold up the deal.

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I would also.

They couldn’t fix JD Martinez even though he always showed promise that was eventually fulfilled. But things change year by year and with different personnel so I don’t think it’s really just an Astros or a team problem as much as it’s player problem. Hitting ain’t easy.


The D-backs just called up a pitcher named Yilber Diaz. What a wild roster that would be: Yainer, Yandy, and Yilber.