Astros at Blue Jays, 6/7/23

SS Dubon
2b Altuve
DH Alvarez
RF Tucker
1b Abreu
C Diaz
LF Julks
CF McCormick
3b Kessinger

P Blanco

Dubon leads off with a single past Vladito

Roof is closed due to wildfire smoke. Games in PHI and NY postponed.

Dubon running on the pitch, Altuve lines to 2b for the easy DP. Yordan then grounds out to end the inning quickly

Blanco walks Springer on 5 pitches. Inauspicious start.

Blanco gets Bichette looking on 2-2

Guerrero bounces back to Blanco who starts the 1-4-3!

Both sides waste leadoff runners

End 1, 0-0

Tuckers grounds 3u

Abreu strikes out on a fucking pitch clock violation. Zero excuse for that.

Diaz grounds 6-3

Way too easy

After he called and was granted timeout.


Belt strikes out swinging after a borderline 1-2 call

Chapman, returning from ingrown toenail discomfort, K swinging

Varsho walks and steals second

Merrifield grounds to short to end it

End 2, 0-0

About to eat dinner, off of PBP

Astros lead 2-1 on a 2 run homer by Yordan and a solo shot by Bichette

Goddammit! A Belt belt ties it.

Chris Bassitt has thrown 73 pitches through 7 innings.

Oh FFS Neris!

And Neris issues a walk on a pitch clock violation. Fucking hell guys.

Neris has walked 2 in the 7th sandwiched around an F8.


That throw looked like a helium balloon.

And a single makes it 3-2

The first walk scores on a single…

Fucking walks kill.

Great throw by Diaz to get Biggio