Astros at Arlington, 8/31/22

Happy Justin Verlander Day, everyone

Altuve walks and Bregman reaches on E5 around strikeouts by Peña and Tucker, but Mancini singles Altuve home and it’s 1-0 after the top of the first.

Javier wastes no time giving it back, surrendering a 2 run HR to Seager with nobody out.

HPU decides that the same pitch that was a third strike for Peña isn’t a third strike for Semien, putting him on base for Seager, who does the predictable thing, giving the Rangers a 2-1 lead.

Oh, good, another walk.

Committing to the three true outcomes:


Anything y’all want to say to Angel?


How dare you leave Buffy for a spin-off show?

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Maton warming

Already? Is Javier hurt?

Just 30 something pitches to get the first two outs

Ask him where I can find his umpire scorecard for last night.


Does this mean they’re A) watching innings, and B) grooming him for bullpen work ?

Or C) he’s been a disaster location-wise so far?

It means they’re not gonna let him blow his arm out in the first inning

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C. And D) they want to win the game.

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Javier finishes the first with 2 runs on 38 pitches

Thanks. Not as bad overall as I thought, but still some real clunkers in there.

Hensley with a sharply hit ball the Rangers were lucky to hold to a single.


Send him.

He had no clue where one side of the plate was