Astros at Angels 12 July, '22

Altuve walks, Diaz jacks, everybody else grounds out.

2-0 Astros going into the bottom of the first.

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Garcia needs to get his shit together

This is seriously painful. How much rope do you give him?

Had the Astros employed a third baseman and not let the runner be 47 ft off of 3B, they’d have had a shot at him at the plate.

Stefanic walks
Trout Ks swinging
Ohtani walks
Ward walks, bases jacked
Walsh grounds out to Yuli, run scores
Rengifo pops out to Altuve.

After 1, Astros lead 2-1

Next inning?

Maybe he’s just rusty from the xtra restand has knocked it off now.

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Pena pops out to 2nd
JJ Mati grounds out to 3rd
Meyers Ks swinging

2-1 Astros after 1.5

Stassi flies out to Tucker
Villar Ks swinging
Marsh “Unfrozen Caveman Ballplayer” singles to center
Altuve can’t make the tag and U.C.B. steals second
Stefanic grounds out to Pena

After 2, Astros lead 2-1

Tuve was robbed!

Syndergaard really does have his hair cut asymmetrically, doesn’t he?

It’s a Swedish thing, you betcha.

Thors ranked by appearance:

  1. Mighty Thor
  2. Thor Odinsson
  3. George Thorogood
  4. Henry David Thoreau

Not receiving votes: Noah Syndergaard


Bregman proves himself worthy.

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I was not 100% certain Bregman would deliver there.

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Seeing-eye Bregman!!!

I like 2-out rbi Breggy

I believe “service Bregman” is now the preferred nomenclature.

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This merits later discussion.

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I always have time to discuss Dr. Jane Foster.