Astros at Angels 07/31/2020

joining game in progress in the bottom of the first.
One out one on, McCullers facing Rendon

Rendon draws a walk.

Ohtani ball, strike, swing and a miss, strike three swinging.

Whoops, can’t do pbp…

Man, I saw something in the Boston-NY game that, based on the gushing from Vasgurjian and Smoltz, had never happened before in a baseball game: on a routine ground ball hit to 2nd base, LeMahieu caught the ball and turned his body and squared up to 2nd base before throwing the ball to the shortstop to start the double play. Today will almost certainly go down in history as the day that defensive expectations changed.

I hope you weren’t playing with matches again.

Brantley walks to leadoff the 2nd

Yuli singles to left, Brantley to 2nd.

2 on for Correa…

Correa gets ahead 2-0, take an offspeed cookie 2-1, late on an elevated 90 mph FB 2-2, Ks looking.


He is soooo frustrating.

Reddick singles to right, everybody moves up a base.

Juiced for Tucker…

Tucker! Some offense! Wowsers in me trousers!

It’s a Christmas miracle!

Tucker smashes a liner past 1B, 2 runs score.

2nd/3rd for Maldonado

God bless us, every one.

Maldonado walks to load them up for Springer.

He battled nicely to earn that base.

Springer up 2-0, then 3-0, pulls 1 FB just foul of the LF fairpole, takes low for a walk/rbi.

Altuve up…

Altuve hits into a 6-4 FC, run scores.

Too slowly hit, beat the throw to 1st easily.

4-0, corners for Bregman…

Pitcher had just walked Machete and Springer, so Jose swings at the first pitch. Makes sense to me.

Bregman hit on the elbow ( ball tailed).

Juiced for Brantley.

That’ll be all for Andriese.

Bedrosian coming in.