Astros at Angels 07/31/2020

I nearly threw my phone.

Brantley ahead 2-0, then 3-0, takes a strike 3-1, flies out to left.

4-0 Astros mid 2nd

Ohtani flies out to left. Apparently. Camera stayed on Lance.

Rengifo dinks a ball just fair on the LF line for a double.

Castro grounds sharply to Yuli who races to the bag. ¿Donde estuvo Lance?

Runner to 3rd.

Hermosillo Ks on some filth.

End 2
4-0 Astros

Yuli lines one to RF, Godwin makes a nice play as the ball was sinking.

1 away.

Correa flies out F9

Late on a meatball on the previous pitch.

Reddick lines out to deep center

Mid 3

Fletcher bounces one over Bregman for a single

Goodwin walks.

2 on/no outs for Rendon.

Rendon lines one thru the vacated right side of the infield, run scores.

1st/2nd still nobody out.

Ohtani bounces out weakly to Yuli at the 1B bag.

Runners move up.

Upton pops out to Yuli

2 out 2 on for La Stella

La Stella walks on 4 not close pitches.

Based loaded, Strom out to discuss things.

Lance is at 62 pitches.

Bases loaded for Rengifo

Strikes out looking.

Lance battled nicely.

Tucker lines one up the middle for a single.

Nice AB. Was down 0-2, worked it full.

Maldonado takes strike 2 as Tucker steals second, takes a ball in the dirt that squirts away, Tucker to 3rd, Ks swinging over a nice curveball.

That’s it for Bedrosian.

Springer up with Tucker on 3rd/1out.

Middleton (RHP) on the mound.

George hits a flyback to shallow center but Tucker scores pretty easily.

5-1 Astros.

Altuve flies out to the track (98 mph eye high FB)

Mid 4
Astros 5-1

That’s it for me.

Buenos nachos.