Astros @ A's, September 9, 2020

Holy sweet fuck this ump is terrible.

I remember a lot of bitching last year (myself included) about how bad the umpiring was getting. Is it even worse this year? Seems like every night the strike zone is all over the damn place.

It’s getting worse.

To me, the thought of robo umps gets more appealing every year.

It is exponentially more notable when an ump calls a good game than whatever this crap is tonight.

I’m a patient sort.

I think he’s done, Dusty


2-out walk brings Strommy out

He’ll get Kemp, but that’ll be his last hitter.

Hope so.

Dusty told me to shut the fuck up

Now tell the bats to score a lot of runs.

Gets the 4-3 on the first pitch.

5 shutout innings, one shiftfuck single for Garcia. Outstanding, young man.

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Bats: “Get hits.” Runners: “Score runs.” I wanted to be real specific.

Man, the ball is dying tonight. Several balls nutted that just hung up.

that was probably the game where Fiers decided to do his thing.

Is Fiers even active?

La Pina!

I was thinking the same thing. Except he’d been telling everyone who’d listen for two years. No one cared until Taubman did his thing.

Thank you.