Astros @ A's, September 9, 2020

Can’t do PBP, but leadoff bomb by Springer, next 3 go down quietly

Garcia has a 13 pitch, 1-2-3 1st with a couple of flyouts and his 1st MLB swinging K

Astros go in order in the 2nd…Garcia returns the favor in the bottom half

To the 3rd…1-0 Astros


Astros get a walk and a hit, but can’t plate a run


Leadoff walk is the A’s first base runner.

Braves are leading the Marlins 22-8. They’re in the 5th inning

Garcia throwing darts at the bottom of the zone and can’t buy a fucking call

Tiny zone tonight.

Now Yuli rung up on a pitch at his ankles. Horrible.

On one side

That was fucking ridiculous

Gameday shows Yuli walked.

As Correa takes a strike in the dirt.

Gameday now shows Yuli at 3B with one out.

A’s announcers started a clock on Garcia during bottom of 3rd: two readings were 28 & 29 seconds b/t pitches…

Is there only one game today? That seems like a gyp.

I really hadn’t noticed him being slow between pitches.

Olson with a 2-out shiftfuck single for the A’s first hit.

Hey, look at that, it’s the free game of the day! Maybe I’ll watch along with you necks, see if I can’t get a gauge of your daily misery.

I’d need to add a multiplier I guess.

He’s not quick, but not drastically slow either. Lots of motion.

Of course the Nexans play tomorrow, so I’ve got a good deal of misery already spoken for.

The misery is usually late in games.