Astros @ A's, September 8, 2020; Game 1

Astros are the home team but officially its a road game. Got it?

2 flyballs and a K for Grienke.

I was wondering how these games are handled in split stats.

Springer has seen 8 pitches in 5 AB yesterday and today.

Springer flies out.

Bregman is back. Ks looking at 2 pitches off the plate.

Brantley doubles down the line in right.

Yuli 6-3

No score

Georgie be hackin

Stros poll:
20 complete games.


4-3, K, F7

67 on the K curveball

Could have used his 305.1 IP from the same year and that would still be easily correct.

Now do: JR Richard 151 walks, Lima 48 HRs, Niekro 21 WP or Turk Farrell 20 losses

“Seven inning games might favor the team without the strong bullpen”

Brilliant analysis, Todd

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I’m just spitballin’ here…

Tucker lines out to La Stella in the shift

Correa 6-3

Reddick back in the lineup, flares a single to center.

Second 2 out hit of the game for Astros

Maldonado Ks swinging

No score after 2

They still managed to give up double digits twice in 7 inning games.

Game over?

TK and Blummer talk about how Davis has fallen on hard times.

So he homers to right.

He was down 0-2, then 2-2, then a FB caught way too much plate.

Pinder grounds to 3rd, Bregman moves to his left and gloves it but the ball stays on the ground.

Infield hit.

Grienke not hitting his spots so well in the 3rd.

on cue Ks Murphy with a slider.

That was a nasty pitch

La Stella falls 0-2, gets checked out by the trainer, 1-2, 2-2, 3-2, fouls, fouls, walks