Astros @ A's, September 26, 2020

Altuve 4-3 up the shifted middle
Bregman walk
Alvarez just misses crushing one, F8
Yuli 5-3

Foul ball into the Astros radio booth.

Sparky can’t field it cleanly but keeps it in front of him and makes the play.

TK: Are pitchers athletes?
Blum: No.

2-out walk.


FC ends the 1st.

Btw Diaz at short for Correa.

Castro catching

McCormick in left, Siri in center, Tucker in right

That was a disappointing AB from Tucker.

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Yeah from 3-0 to 3U.

Díaz 5-3

Lions lost on a 66 yard FG that bounced off the crossbar.

So just remember no matter how bad things get in your life, at least you’re not a Lions fan.

Castro F8

Leadoff double for Brown

Nasty split/change gets Chapman

Khris Davis F8, runner advances to 3rd

Kemp singles up the middle.

1-0 A’s.

Gomes F9 ends the inning

Well, given the lack of interest of this offense, that ought a do it for today.

Chas looks at a very hittable 90 mph 2 seamer for strike 3

McCormick shows no interest whatsoever in reaching base

Siri completely butt raped that at bat.

Siri 1-0, gets a rubber hose to the head for strike 1; eventually flies out F8

This HPU has not set his corners.