Astros @ A's July 10, 2022

A pair of doubles from Altuve and Bregman scores a run in the top of the first.
An infield hit off Yuli’s glove is the only action for the A’s in the bottom half.

1-0 top 2.

I find this incredibly hard to believe, yet at the same time I don’t:

Booth just said that Bregman’s 2B was the first time he’s put a 3-0 pitch in play since 2019

I do not find that hard to believe at all. You usually have to swing the bat to put the ball in play.

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If the Astros get behind in this game, I’m prepared to go outside and mow. But it’s 104° and I really hope I don’t need to.

I just finished cleaning my new deck and power washing the lawn furniture. It’s hot as fuck out there.

regardless, recommend staying out of the heat at that temp

Jakey O with 49 pitches through 4 innings.

1-0 Astros

Jake Meyers gets himself a double because he wasn’t fucking loafing like Altuve was yesterday.

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Lee on the board!

Lee drives in a run…his first career hit and first career RBI!


After Jake moves to third on a deep foul to right, Korey gets his first major league hit and RBI on a broken bat chopper through the left side.

Oh that’s bullshit. Lee put that throw right on the money. That’s gotta be E6

I was hoping Stanek or Montero would get selected for the all-start team. Typical anti middle reliever bias.

Tucker is an All Star!!!

Wow, Odorizzi with the snag of a 110 mph comeback liner!

Strikes out 2, catches a the liner, finished the inning at 83 pitches.

Bases drunk, nobody out for Lee…

Diaz single, stolen base.
Meyers walk.
McCormick walk.

Bases loaded for Lee…
Who doubles down 3rd base line!

2-run double!

Have yourself a day, Korey!