Astros @ A's, 7/23/2023

Fun with lineups, version ~63

Dubon 2B
Julks LF
Tucker RF
Bregman 3B
Abreu DH
Madris 1B
McCormick CF
Diaz C
Pena SS

Brown on the mound

I’d rather give Singleton a shot versus Madris at this point.


Madris ahead of Chas. That is apparently a real thing.

This lineup is a work of art.

Monty Burns, Astros Manager


Jackson Pollock, Astros Manager


John Cage, Astros Manager

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Ian Malcolm, Astros manager

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No runs for the first inning

Robbed on the diving catch

Astros let Funky Cold off the hook in the first….

Stros knocked this guy around earlier in the year and I have no recollection of him. He’s got a hell of an arm.

Instead of an early Houston, lead, the A’s get the first run


What a whack fucking lineup.

2 innings, no Houston runs.

This team needs an extra special something - to get them going. Just coasting into the playoffs and saying (Hey, we’re the team to beat) is what the Yankees have done for 20 years.

It is not gonna be near enough. Better get on that soon Dana or we’re gonna be watching playoff baseball from our chairs - wasting Tucker’s and Framber’s last years with the club.

We’re just orbiting Mauricio Dubon.

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That was a hell of a play by Dubon!!

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I REALLY want Bellinger and Stroman, but man, that price has to be going up and up. He’s fucking killing the baseball right now.