Astros @ Arlington, July 1, 2023

None of you yahoos can start a GZ thread?

Just as well. Halfway, Astros down 3-0.

RISP through 5.5 innings, Rangers 3 for 12; Astros 0 for 1…

I’m at the game doing what I can do.

Brown was deep in every count.

4 IP, 91 pitches, 56 strikes.

A shit ton of FBs.

Seth Martinez to hold the fort…

Hopefully the bats wake up again, because it’s been a pathetic showing so far.

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starting … now.

Altuve hacks at ball three and four then takes the one strike, a hanger right down the middle.

And it gets even pathetic-er.

Another fucking pop-up.

Stanek up in the pen

JFC they are rolling over on everything.

They had a play at second if DubĂłn had looked.

Seth did great.
Wow! Ryne’s no fooling them…

The foul ball before that double landed 1 row back and 2 seats over from me.

The dude on my row is kicking himself for not making the play.

Grazed his fingers.

Also this game sucks.

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One fan w/ a knee brace reached over the Ranger dugout for a foul ball…
A little too much enthusiasm…

Is that Stanek’s name? Since when?

Close enuf for today’s game. (Ryne’s not pitching himself today.)

Fucking cement mixer for strike 3 to Julks.

And Jake can’t seem to hit a ball hard again.