Astros @ Arlington Chucklefucks, June 30, 2023

This series may be the season. Gotta make it count.

Have the third man in hand and Flor de las Antillas lit. Let’s roll!

So the Rangers’ city connect uniforms are navy and orange?


First pitch of the game! 1-0

Not a bad start

Strike zone is dugout to dugout.

Strikeout, ground out, pop up end the inning. But the Astros with a 1-0 lead.

Hope Blanco leaves the Strangers with blanks for their at-bats.

Leadoff walk to Semien. Yay.

Basehit puts Rangers on the corners, nobody out

Terrible pitch

And that lead didn’t even last one out.

GIDP, but the leadoff walk scores. Whodathunkit

We’re gonna need a bigger inning.

End of one…1-1

Getting out of 1st and 3rd and no outs with only one run scoring is about as good as you could hope for.

But, leadoff walks are killers.

I coulda hoped to not walk the leadoff hitter. Next time I shall.

I just want more Astros runs, as many as possible as soon as possible.

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Chas with a 2-out hit

I agree. I hate leadoff walks, too. Don’t gift a good offense free baserunners.