Astros @ Arlington Chucklefucks, June 30, 2023

Since his giant cranium was mentioned the other day,

Bruce Bochy’s hat size is 8 1/8

Chas takes 2B

Jake…full count…pops up a pitch that was headed for his nuts

Middle of two…1-1

Why is Meyers swinging at that? Gamecast had that almost hitting him inside.

He swung at two that almost hit him.

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He took his notes about plate discipline from Jeremy Peña.

My pool is 96 degrees.

Nice hot tub you have right now.

My 96 is Liverpool - YNWA

I cool off by getting out of the pool. The air temp is lower.

No like us not score,

Another lead-off walk for Texas

Another leadoff walk. What could go wrong with this trend.

I thought we talked about no more leadoff walks.

Some people never listen to our advice.

Somebody’s going to have to explain these uniforms to me.

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Shit. Liner to Altuve, easy double play but Altuve throws it into the dugout. TE4

Damnit, Altuve.

Seriously, Jose?

Fly ball moves runner to 3B, two outs