Astros @ Arlington Chucklefucks, July 3, 2023

Astros against Martín Pérez:

Altuve 4
Dubón 6
Tucker 9
Bregman 5
Abreu 3
McCormick 8
Diaz DH
Julks 7
Maldonado 2

Javier on the hill

Man, I really hope Javier is on his game today. When he is, he’s as unhittable as anyone. Really need El Reptile today.


Versus the La Lata De Gasolina we’ve gotten recently.

My vpn is fucking up, I may have to watch the Rangers broadcast…

Urge to kill…rising

Two words…Direct TV. And his is it that you get the Rangers broadcast but not the Astros?


Limey ain’t got shit on me.


Limey would have fixed it, but with $1,000 worth of new iAccessorries.


Exactly this.

That should be “how is it…”

And I wouldn’t be able to open my blinds until tomorrow or something

To your earlier question, I’m in Ranger country, I get Bally Sports but no Houston networks.

Well, there’s your biggest problem.

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Bally Sports SW is part of the basic sports tier for most cable providers. Not true for ATT Sports SW for some stupid reason.

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I would pay monies for it but they won’t let me

Altuve with a leadoff walk

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How’d your ribs turn out?

It’s really hot here today. Everyone is welcome to come hang out in the pool, but I do ask that you bring ice.

Dubon robbed of extra bases.

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Table set for Bregman

Tucker with a double! Astros at 2B and 3B, one out for Bregman